Maths Book Club is Born


Morning all.  Forget the Royal baby, Mathsbookclub appears to be the most popular birth of the week on Twitter!  Just to answer a few of the questions we’ve been asked about our new arrival…

The idea for MathsBookClub arose in a UK-based Twitter chat for Maths teachers from the NCETM (see #mathscpdchat).  A tweet that evening from @sundayteatime has spawned this madness!  I’m not that Twitter user but I have agreed to man the fort for a while (she’ll be back, or she better be!).

Do I need to be a teacher? No! Before you all run away, this book club is not intended to be some exclusive club for educators.  All are welcome.  This is a book club for anyone with an interest in Mathematics … and books.

How frequently will this book club take place? We’ve gone for a quarterly time-scale for each book so that followers have time to read the book alongside other commitments and (ahem) any non-Mathematical literature they may wish to read

How will it work? OK, confession time.  We’ve been blown away by the response so we’re adapting this by the day.  The basics are that there will be a set period where you can submit a nomination which book you think we should read, then a short period where you can vote from the list of nominations (probably a Google poll), about 3 months after the book is chosen we will have a set time for a Twitter chat to discuss the book.

What are the criteria for book nominations? We’re pretty open here, can be fiction or non-fiction but with a Mathematical theme. The final choice will be majority rule, so this will undoubtedly filter out some of the more dubious suggestions (like the joker who has selected the most-prolific textbook from 1970’s English classrooms!)

How do I connect on Twitter with other readers? Please continue to use the hashtag #mathsbookclub (note the “S”, American followers!).  There has been a sensible suggestion that we use a slightly amended hashtag if you are posting something only of interest to teachers, so if you are posting e.g. suggested teaching resources please use #mathsbookclubed

What next? Nominations for the first book close 8pm (BST) tomorrow (Friday 26th July), the poll will (hopefully) be open over the weekend and we should have an announcement of the book choice early next week.

We’re very excited to get reading and chatting, hope you are too!

Hannah (@missradders)


2 thoughts on “Maths Book Club is Born

  1. Sounds like a great initiative. I’m involved with science book clubs (I run one in Melbourne) for pleasure and for research. I’ll try to keep up with your group 🙂

    George (Twitter: @popsciguyoz)

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