And the winner is…


Votes are closed! Our first read is revealed…


You have spoken and voted for Alex’s Adventures In Numberland (published in the US as Here’s Looking at Euclid) by Alex Bellos. You can follow Alex on Twitter here.

We will be hosting a Twitter chat to discuss the book on Wednesday 23rd October. Get the date in your diary now!

The top 5 books in the vote were:

1) Alex’ Adventures In Numberland: 18%
2) The Number Devil: 12%
3) A Mathematician’s Lament: 8%
4) A Mathematician’s Apology: 7%
=5) Fermat’s Last Theorem: 7%
=5) Why Do Buses Come In Threes?: 7%

I’m sure we might see more of the runners-up in later bookclub selections!

Please tweet along as you read the book using the hashtag #mathsbookclub

Enjoy the book!
Hannah @missradders


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Does anyone know whether the iBook digital edition of the book is good enough to read? And the Kindle edition?

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