Reading Notes: The Norm Chronicles

Some interesting bits and bobs which may be of interest as you read along with our October choice.


The official Norm Chronicles site.
The Guardian have a digested read which summarises the book in 600 words.
Reviews from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Plus Maths.

An interview with Blastland & Spiegelhalter is featured in this edition of the Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast

The two authors at an RSA event talking about Risk, Chance & Choice can be watched on YouTube

David Spiegelhalter’s website Understanding Uncertainty is a hive of statistical gems including clips of his BBC4 documentary “Tails you win: the science of chance

A discussion with Spiegelhalter about risk on the Life Scientific podcast and there’s a video of a lecture he gave at Cambridge on YouTube

An archive of Michael Blastland’s BBC blogs can be found here

Blastland wrote a 6-part series on understanding statistics in the news for the BBC.

If you don’t already listen to Radio 4’s Stats podcast More or Less, you really should! Michael Blastland is a former producer of the show. Available outside the UK in the form of a shorter BBC World Service broadcast.

You can follow the David on Twitter but as far as I can tell, Michael isn’t a tweeter.

Remember to use the hashtag #mathsbookclub to tweet along as you read too.

Hope you all enjoy 🙂

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