Our Most Anticipated Maths books for the rest of 2014…

Some gems in store for Maths bookworms in the rest of 2014. We’ll see if any of these draw the interest of our members enough for nominations for one of our future reads!
NB: We haven’t read any of these books nor been asked to promote them, they’re merely the books that have piqued my interest whilst online browsing.
If any of you read these books and would like to contribute a guest book review for our blog, please get in touch via Twitter.

Numericon: A Journey through the hidden lives of Numbers – Rachel Thomas & Marianne Freiberger

Written by the editors of Plus Magazine this book has each chapter dedicated to a different number.
Publication 4th September

An Equation for Every Occasion: 52 formulas and why they matter – John M Henshaw

From the blurb seems to do what it says on the tin; promises explanations of IQ, SPF factors, dog years and the Challenger disaster amongst others. May be a nice “dip in” read.
Publication 8th September

Professor Stewart’s Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries – Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart’s books of conundrums are favourites of most Maths enthusiasts so we’re looking forward to this new book in the series.
Publication 2nd October

Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension – Matt Parker

Everyone’s favourite stand-up Mathematician, Matt Parker, promises ” a riotous journey through the possibilities of numbers, with audience participation”. By the end of the book we should be able to tie our shoes faster than before, cut a pizza in a fairer way and make a computer out of dominoes.
Publication 30th October

In Pursuit of the Travelling Salesman – William J Cook

A history of the famous Mathematics problem from 1800 to now. One for all the decision fans.
Publication 9th November

100 Essential Things you didn’t know about Maths and the Arts – John D Barrow

Looks like an interesting collection of explanations of how Maths is involved in art; why do diamonds sparkle, why Dickens led a crusade against Maths and why the shower is the best place to sing.
Publication 13th November

The Best Writing on Mathematics – Mircea Pitici (editor)

I know quite a few of our members are fans of this annual collection of the best Mathematical writing from the past year. This year sees articles about Klein bottles, why video games are good for learning Mathematics and the latest breakthroughs in the studies of primes.
Publication 23rd November

The Fourth Dimension: Towards a Geometry of Higher Reality – Rudy Rucker

This book promises puzzles, problems and 200 drawings about the fourth dimension.
Publication 28th November

Hannah (@missradders)

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