Books we’ve read

This page will show a record of the books we’ve read…

1) October 2013 Alex’s Adventures In Numberland/ Here’s Looking at Euclid: Alex Bellos

2) January 2014 The Joy of X – Steven Stogratz

3) April 2014 The Simpsons & Their Mathematical Secrets – Simon Singh

4) July 2014 The Music of the Primes – Marcus du Sautoy

5) October 2014 The Norm Chronicles – David Spiegelhalter & Michael Blastland               

6) April 2015 The Number Devil – Hans Enzensberger           

7) June 2015 A Mathematician’s Apology – GH Hardy              

8) August 2015 Alex Through the Looking Glass/ The Grapes of Math – Alex Bellos 

8) October 2015

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